? Are you smarter than a teacher? Wynberg puts it to the test…

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The Powerpuffs
 Exams are over, marks are in and there is a winding up of the academic year happening in most schools. To enable this to be done, a fabulous programme of events was drawn up for the girls – one of the events for which they could sign up was a retake on “Are you smarter than a teacher?”

We had 13 teams in all – including wondrous groups such as the Losers’ Club, the Killer Queens, the Powerpuffs, the Crazy 8’s and the Blomme – eleven of which were learners. We’re delighted to say that at Wynberg Girls’ High, our girls are NOT smarter than the teachers … Because of the Young Ballies, who outshone the Powerpuffs (seen on the left) by 7 points, our reputation is intact!