Art Gallery Opens its Doors to All

The 5th of March 2012 saw the opening of our Wynberg Cultural Gallery. Members of the Art Committee have been working extremely hard to make this an exciting place for visitors. Opening hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 15:00 -16:00 We would like to encourage staff, parents and learners to browse through the various exhibitions.

We are determined to make this a dynamic space and experience, and visitors will find that each exhibition will have a different purpose and flavour. The current display includes a selection of some of the best work across the grades and you can expect to see the discoveries of our girls from still life paintings to conceptual workings around the shoe. All exhibitions are spaces in which the works meet an audience, and it is really hoped that through the experiences in our gallery, Wynberg will become an increasingly astute one.

Apart from the educational value for our students in thinking about the ways in which their works will be displayed, we are hoping that one of the spin-offs will be an improvement in the quality of the work that is displayed – since the work of our students will be in the public eye, and will be assessed only in the gallery, perhaps our artists will be reluctant to show anything that is less than their best!

These are exciting times for the Art Department. We hope that this excitement will transfer to the school community.