Athena Society visits the Iziko South African National Gallery

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On the 25 September the Athena Society and Art students went on outing to the Iziko South African National Gallery to learn art gallery etiquette and to appreciate our national cultural heritage and talent.

As we walked into the gallery, we were greeted with the sight of an awe-inspiring life-size statue of a rearing horse looming above our heads. The displays varied from world-renowned artworks such as “The Butcher Boys” – three distorted and animal-like males – to African bead-work and etchings. We were taken on a guided tour around the gallery and we were taught how to look at art and appreciate it for more than its aesthetic beauty. For the art students, it was an exciting opportunity to see some of the artworks that they’ve studied in class and to apply the knowledge that they’ve learnt.
At the end of the day we all left the art gallery enriched and more appreciative of our ability to enjoy the art that we are surrounded by.