Athletics Results – 8 qualify for the Champ of Champs and 4 are selected for Western Province

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It’s was an early start for the athletics team on the 16th of February.  At 7 am the bus was off to Green Point athletics track to compete at interschools athletics.  The athletes gave their all and did extremely well. 15 athletes qualified to compete at the Southern Zonal Championships. The girls must be applauded on their unwavering spirit throughout the day.

The qualifying athletes were:

Juliette Lindup – 2nd High Jump
Jessica Stephens- 1st high jump, 1st long  jump, 4th 100m.
Hannah McKieth- 3rd long jump.
Lara Johnson- 1st 100m,  1st 200m.
Beth Goode- 1st 800m, 1st 1500m.
Amaarah Cornish- 4th 200m, 4th 1500m.
Jessica Cooke- 3rd 90m hurdles.
Michelle Boshoff- 1st 90m hurdles, 2nd 300m hurdles.
Sophie Hartgers- 3rd 800m.
Sarah-jane Deary- 4th 1500m.
Samantha Hitchens- 2nd javelin throw.
Lelethu Mzaza- 2nd shot put, 3rd 200m.
Kirsten Roodman- 2nd 800m, 1st 1500m.
Amina Williams- 1st 400m.
Mikayla Gray-1st 3000m.
Kaylee Marshall – 2nd 3000m.

The Southern Zonal Championships was held on the 26th of February at Vygieskraal Stadium. Here the athletes competed against other athletes from the southern zone. The competition was stiffer than before but the Wynberg team fought through. 8 athletes qualified to be a part of the Southern Zonal team. Congratulations to the following girls:

Mikayla Gray- u20 3000m.
Kaylee Marshall- u20 3000m.
Kirsten Roodman- u20 1500m.
Jessica Stephens- u18 long jump.
Lara Johnson- u18 100m and 200m.
Amina Williams- u18 400m.
Sasha Pietersen- u16 400m.
Beth Goode- u14 800m and 1500m.

These girls will compete at the Champ of Champs against athletes from the other zones.


Back row: Sasha Pietersen, Jessica Stephens, Kaylee Marshall
Front row: Lara Johnson, Kirsten Roodman, Mikayla Gray.
Absent: Amina Williams, Beth Goode

We are delighted to hear that Beth Goode, Jessica Stephens, Lara Johnson and Kirsten Roodman have been selected for the Western Province Athletics team.