Battle of the Books

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“And I swear in that moment…” the entire hall of students heard me gasp. Bergvliet High School’s gym hall was decorated in a way that spoke to my ‘teammates’ and me on a personal level. Posters of the most amazing books adorned the walls, with characters from ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Hunger Games’, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ watching us from every angle. It might sound a bit strange but it may have been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and experienced.

What I found to be truly remarkable was walking into a room filled with people who were there for only one reason, to celebrate World Book Day, and for a person who had never been to a “Battle of the Books” before, I was amazed by how easy it was to fit in with the massive crowd of students. I suppose it might have been because we all had one thing in common: a love of books.

The evening of the 23rd was filled with questions. Easy questions that we all knew the answers to and questions to which the answers were on the very tip of our tongues. There were also questions that we hadn’t a clue what the answers were and a few that we thought we didn’t know but ended up kicking ourselves over because, of course, we only remembered the answers when it was too late! We were asked a range of questions that varied from what the Hogwart’s motto was to what the name of the drug in “A Brave New World” was called. So in other words our knowledge of all kinds of books was tested. As it turns out, the Modern Classics and Shakespearean sections were among the sections where we excelled. Perhaps this proves to our teachers that we actually do pay attention in class!

What was most wonderful was the quizmaster, as it was none other than John Maytham, the afternoon drive presenter from Cape Talk. If I may say so, he made the quiz more enjoyable as he was always inserting little snippets of interesting information after a question was asked, this may have extended the quiz a bit, but that was what made it so interactive and fun for everyone, not only the participants, as even the audience could be awarded prizes for getting certain questions right. Of course our own Mrs Manners won a prize (of three books, no less), for getting her question right. How could we have expected less of her? She is our librarian after all!

Wynberg Girls’ was awarded 8th place, which is pretty impressive, considering we were competing against 19 other schools. I know I can speak for us all and say that it was a fantastic way to spend one’s evening and, well, at least we did better than the boys’ school!

Emily Kate Danielz