Being somebody’s type!

On Wednesday the 10th of May 2017, Wynberg Girls’ High School hosted its second quarterly blood donation clinic in conjunction with the Western Province Blood Transfusion Clinic.

Upon the arrival of the WPBTC representatives, we unloaded their vehicles, set up and made the first call for new blood donors. We were stunned at response of girls who were willing to donate, and following a process to ensure that each girl met certain criteria, their blood donation journey began.

Throughout the day, we were met with many girls who had been willing to donate, be it new or old donors. Once sufficient blood was donated by each girl, they were given refreshments to keep their bodies fuelled for the rest of the day and time to recuperate before heading back to their lessons . By the time the clinic drew to a close, the sisters had seen to 30 referrals, 21 new donors as well as 22 old. In total, we brought in 43 units of blood and in doing so, have saved approximately 129 lives.

Well done Wynberg!

Zahraa Davids