Beyond a treat to see the da Vinci Exhibition!

On the afternoon of Tuesday, 4 February, twelve WGHS teachers, representing the Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy and Physical Science departments visited the ‘Da Vinci – The Genius’ exhibition at the V & A Waterfront.

The exhibition is touring the world and we are privileged to be able to visit it in Cape Town.  While many people think of Leonardo Da Vinci as an artist, he was also an inventor, a scientist, an architect, an engineer and much more and the exhibition covered the different areas of his work.  Some of the exhibits were able to be approached ‘hands on’ and there were also several interactive touch screen displays.

While all of us were impressed by the life-size HD recreation of the Last Supper and the extensive section focusing on the secrets of the Mona Lisa, each of us found areas of particular interest – for the Maths teachers there was the depth of the mathematical detail in the Vitruvian Man and the Science teachers were able to marvel at inventions such as flying machines and the first concepts of a car.  More than that, each of us found that there was much to see that touched on our other teaching subjects – from Natural Science and Geography to Art and Italian!

The exhibition was a wonderful way to spend two hours and a good reminder that we as teachers need to make time to enjoy our subjects.

report by Mr D  Burrell