Bill Nasson history lecture at RBHS

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A couple of our history students were fortunate enough to join up with Rondebosch Boys High School’s History Society  to listen to an informative lecture by Mr Bill Nasson, Professor of History at Stellenbosch University. The topic was “Is South Africa’s history really that abnormal?” He began the evening by playing the music video of the De La Rey song and followed it up with the introduction of the ‘Cambridge history of South Africa-Vol 2‘ book.

Nasson made interesting comparisons between South Africa’s, Italy’s and Belgium’s historical backgrounds. He also described the phenomenon that historians often idealise countries other than their own because they see in that country what they feel their home country lacks. He ended off by saying that if South Africa’s history is indeed “abnormal”, we are one amongst many abnormal countries. The discussion opened our eyes to a new perspective on our country’s history and Nasson’s sense of humour allowed for a light-hearted atmosphere. All in all, Bill Nassonis an excellent and insightful speaker and the evening was well worthwhile.