Saving Lives – Wynberg holds another Blood Donors’ Clinic

The Western Province Blood Transfusion Services held a blood clinic at Wynberg Girls’ High School on Thursday, 28 April 2016. We collected between 25-30 full units of blood and received a larger than normal amount of new donors. The Peer Promoter’s really enjoyed this clinic as it was one of the last clinics that this year’s team would do together. The students, unlike the last clinic, were given more time to collect the consent forms necessary to donate blood. Once again the WBTS were still extremely helpful and accommodating to both old and new donors, and were ready to help when some of our fellow learners fainted. They even stayed behind, longer than they were required to, in order to make sure that our patient was okay. They really went above the call of duty to ensure her health and safety.

Congratulations Wynberg, you helped save approximately 75 lives.