Bronze Medals for Wynberg Young Scientists

On Tuesday the 21st , an excited group of Wynberg girls went to the Good Hope Centre to set-up and register for the Eskom Science Expo. The next day, however was when the real excitement began.

The day started with blue cupcakes as it was the Expo’s 30th birthday. It also later proved that one is never too old for party packs! Each contestant was interviewed by three separate judges. The participants had no idea as to when their interviews would take place or who would be judging them. The open time for visitors and the prize giving took place on the Thursday.

The Wynberg learners did very well: Anjali received a special award in her category, Senior Engineering Project; and both Sarah Curry and Lindsay Powell received bronze medals for their individual projects –“Magneto Reception” and “Water Purification at Intaka Island” respectively. It was a worthwhile learning experience and a great opportunity to make friends with learners from other schools.