Building bridges – some very civil engineering one Saturday morning!

The morning began with a quick presentation and briefing and thereafter, the 4 hours of construction began. Each team was provided with 25 wooden sticks, glue and a few other construction materials. After deciding on a design, the girls began the building process. It was long and surprisingly tiring process and after adding some black and yellow “Wynberg” ribbon, our bridge was complete. The aesthetics of each bridge was then judged and at 16:00 the all-important “weigh-in” began. Each team was called up and had to test how much weight their bridge could withstand before breaking. Wynberg’s bridge held up extremely well, taking an amazing 65kgs before breaking. The maximum load taken on the day was 295kgs, which truly is unbelievable given that the bridges are only made from a few thin pieces of wood. Wynberg placed 9th out of 31 teams, a truly remarkable accomplishment.

The girls were very proud with their achievement, especially given that it is the best result Wynberg has obtained in the past few years. It truly was a wonderful experience and despite some sore hands at the end of the day, the result was well worth it. Well done to Tejal, Katherine and Aashiqah and hopefully Wynberg can build and even stronger bridge next year.

Bridge Building 2017