Cape Town Eisteddfod Photography Results

On the 15th of September, a few members of the photography society entered the prestigious Cape Town Photography Eisteddfod. The girls were very enthusiastic and with the help of the leaders, our photography teacher Ms Valentina Nicol and Ms Orpen, we were able to submit 13 entries into the competition.

The girls who entered awaited their results with much excitement. We are very proud to have received the following results:

Aasiyah Saffodien, Grade 8, 1 Merit
Agape Thamar, Grade 8, 1 Merit
Cheyenne Britten, Grade 8, 1 Merit
Megan Farquhar, Grade 8, 1 Merit and 1 Honours
Emma Mullins, Grade 8, 1 Diploma
Laila Manie, Grade 9, 2 Diplomas
Nastar Abdulla, Grade 11, 2 Honours and 1 Merit
TyraLee Nel, Grade 11, 1 Diploma
Ceara Mullins, Grade 11, 1 Diploma

After receiving the results, the girls were invited to a prize giving to be held at Sweet Valley Primary School. TyraLee, one of the committee members and along with the head of the society Ceara, went ahead of the time to set up the photography exhibition. The girls were able to see the photos that they were competing with and were amazed by the excellent standard of photography.

We are very pleased to have also received 3 cash prize awards.
Laila Manie in Grade 9, won a second place award of R350; TyraLee in Grade 11, won a second place award of R400 and Ceara Mullins of Grade 11, won a first place award of R450. We are very pleased to have the two top awards of the grade 10-11 section of the photography category. We are also pleasantly surprised and glad to announce that a Wynberg parent won the Eddy the Dragon stuffed animal raffle, Eddy the Dragon being the mascot of the Cape Town Eisteddfod.

The girls have done exceptionally well and we are more than proud of their results. Each girl has received a certificate for their results and Ceara, Tyra and Laila in addition to the cash prizes, received a medal for their results.

Wynberg looks forward to many more fantastic results from these fine young photographers and hope that the success enjoyed in the eisteddfod will encourage them to participate in many more competitions.

– Ceara Mullins
(Head of Photography)