Careers Evening at Wynberg Boys’ High

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One of the most stressful decisions for a school student to make is what they want to do after school. There are the lucky few who know right from the start which path is the right one for them, but then there are those who remain uncertain up until the very last minute and even some more after that!

On 24 February 2014, Wynberg Boys’ High School hosted a Careers Evening to show some of the many opportunities just waiting to be grabbed. The evening is designed to provide information and help making those decisions a little easier.

From 5:30 to 7:30, the Boys’ High School’s hall was filled with loud chatter and excited conversation over pamphlets and free pens as the students really started to think about their future. There were so many choices that were yet to be made!

“What do I want to study? Where? For how long do? Do I even want to study? And if not, what do I want to do?”

This was the perfect place to start building up the blocks for our future. For the younger grades, it was the time to look at what they should aim at, but for the Matrics, it felt as though this really was their shot. There are no more excuses that could be made. The deadlines for applications are looming and now the information needed to make informed decisions is ours. (Even though it  feels as if it was  just yesterday that our most important decision was which colour crayon we wanted to use.

But here we are. And whatever decision we make, we know that Wynberg has prepared us for it in the best way possible.