Carrying of weapons in an increasingly violent society… Current Affairs discusses the issue

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Our discussion on the 1 March  centred on a story of a 16 year old male who was shot and killed while attempting a smash and grab on Jakes Gerwel drive.  Girls discussed whether or not they agreed with the woman’s reaction. They also talked about whether or not people should be carrying weapons while driving.

Many girls agreed with the woman’s reaction and said if they were in that situation they would respond in a similar manner. The reason for this is that many are concerned about the increasingly violent nature of crime in South Africa. They would rather defend themselves (while they had the chance to) than have the situation escalate and miss the chance to defend themselves. The negative effects of vigilante violence and the legal implications for the victim were presented as a counter arguments. This provided the grounds for fruitful debate.

Overall, the girls felt that they would feel a lot safer travelling with some sort of weapon for protection, especially when traveling alone on routes that are known for criminal activity.