Cast announced for “Stage Door” – our 2015 Major Production

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Stage DoorMajor Production

This is a quick note of thanks to all those individuals who took the time out to come and present themselves for the auditions.  Your enthusiasm was really appreciated.

We had many more audition for a show that has only a set number of parts available and needless to say we were soon over-subscribed.  If any of the members selected in the cast list below are not able to fully commit I am very keen to revisit the names of those who showed such enthusiasm at the auditions.

Finally there are always three or four “extras” that are required for small roles in any play and I have compiled a list of those that I am going to look at again with regard to filling those few “extras” roles.

Once again many thanks for your contributions.

Cast Members

Jaryd Philip    

Pierre Issa     

Robyn Cindup

Juiiette Austin            

Liam Beardwood

Lesley Bredekamp

Constance Chiwaul

Francis Morris           

Connor Jacobs          

Thandizo Chigona

Sean Cheney  

Zoe Hove       

Siphele Sizani            

Dani Alves     

Sade Allcock

Denver Johnston

Mercedes Phillips

India Babb      

Juliet Stromin            

James Mitchell          

Ilyaas Toefy    

Siya Sineke    

Ewin Cenders            

Clare van Tonder

as Keith Burgess

as Adolph Gretzl

as David Kingsley

as Judith Canfield

as Frank

as Mattie

as Linda Shaw

as Bernice Niemeyer

as Sam Hastings

as Jimmy Deveraux

as Dr Randall

as Big Mary

as Little Mary

as Terry Randall

as Jean Maitland

as Olga Brandt

as Mrs Orcutt

as Louise Mitchell

as Pat Devine

as Fred Powell

as Lou Millhauser

as Larry Westcott

as Billy

as Kaye Hamilton