Celebrating all things Scientific

On Friday, 19th August, it was Science Day at Wynberg Girls’ High School, a day to celebrate and honour all things Science.
The girls were encouraged to come to school dressed up in outfits that would show their love and passion for the Sciences. We saw a whole range of creative ideas, from various elements of the periodic table and scientific apparatus, to famous scientists and even characters from the Big Bang Theory television series. It was great to see how the outfits got people speaking about Science, explaining the meaning behind what they were wearing.
During break time, two challenges were held to increase the spirit further. First, there was the annual inter-house Pi recital challenge, a competition that always has everyone in the audience listening closely to see how many digits of Pi the contestants can remember. This year, far ahead of everyone else, was Aashiqah Regal, competing for Constantia, ending off with an incredible 279 digits!
Following this was a Physics and Engineering challenge, another inter-house competition, this time competed in teams of 3. Each team was provided with only a 2-litre soda bottle and a pair of scissors and they were required to construct a water filter. The teams could “purchase” additional materials such as gravel, sand, cotton wool, nylon stockings, elastic bands and charcoal, however, the more materials they used, the more  points would be deducted from their final score. This meant that team members really had to work together and combine their knowledge of filtration. After the ten-minute deadline, the teams lined their water filters up to be tested with a dirty water mixture. As the water trickled through the filters, there was much debate as to who the winner was, but after careful consideration, Kirsten house was crowned their champion for their water filter which not only produced the cleanest water, but used the least materials.
All in all, the day was a success and the girls enjoyed the chance to be able to put their Science knowledge to use.