Celebrating Pi Day at Wynberg Girls’ High

Guess what day it is? 3.1415926535897932384626433

Yes, it’s 3/14/14. In a sense, this whole month can be a celebration of Pi, because it’s 3/14, but today, 3/14, is the official day of celebration (set aside by Congress in 2009 in one of its least and most irrational actions to date).

Wynberg celebrated this day in three ways:

  • An interhouse teacher/learner competition where contestants recited as many the numbers following the decimal point as they could,
  • Icing the pi symbol on a variety of cookies and cupcakes and having them on sale to raise money for the Academic pillar,
  • Creating the figure pi in Wellington Quad using nothing but Matric learners.

The Pi Recital challenge proved to be an exciting and interesting one. Many of the participants surprised the audience with their talent of reciting an endless amount of decimals and as each participant was doing so, there was a silent tension in the air. Much cheering and support was received by this small event. We are all extremely proud of the participants, but have to make mention of the top teacher, Mrs T Pelser who remembered 98 of the decimal points, and Nicole Wentzel (Grade 11B) who remembered a staggering 202 of the points. We salute their efforts

The cake sale as well as the Pi formation on the Wellington Quad grass were successful. The cupcakes and biscuits were sold out within minutes and the Matrics managed to form a large and perfect Pi on the grass in an orderly fashion.

Overall, it was a successful Pi Day – definitely one to be remembered.