Celebrating the end of the Winter Sports season with Interhouse Challenges

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The winter interhouse sports day is an event that we all look forward to. It marks the end of the winter term and is a day when everyone can have fun together. Soccer, Netball and Hockey were the games played on Friday, 22 September. As the day gradually went on, grey clouds gathered over us ominously. It was not an unveiled threat and in the last hour the rain poured down on us. While, the players played on, while their supporters retreated to their tutor groups.

The netball took place at the pool courts. Many were concerned about the players when the courts became wet, but our teams showed their ability to play quality netball. Wellesley, coached by 1st netball team member Lara Johnson, were the front-runners. Constantia and Kirsten were also identified as teams to beat. The finals took place between Wellesley and Kirsten. It was nerve wracking for both teams. The tension increased and the supporters watched from the sidelines biting their nails. The game went into two minutes extra time because of the 2-2 draw. In the end, Wellesley defeated Kirsten 3-2, taking first place. Well done to all the players for playing neat netball!

Soccer took place on astro 2. It is always an entertaining event to watch, as the sport is not an extra-mural at WGHS. It consists of mostly first-time players and referees, but everybody is bound to have a great time. Many shoot-outs took place and lot of screaming was heard. All the players would run for the ball and goals were scored. It seemed that everyone involved were on adrenalin rushes. In the end Kirsten defeated Copenhagen 2-0 in the finals.

The hockey took place on astro 1. There was a high standard of hockey with the girls displaying a variety of skills. Silverlea and Apsley were once again the fromt-runners in each of their pools. Accustomed to playing in all weather conditions, the girls appeared unflustered by the rain. Silverlea beat Kirsten to reach the finals and Apsley beat Copenhagen in the semi-finals. In the end Apsley  defeating Silverlea 3-0 in the finals.

Well done to all the girls who participated in the sports day. Everything ran smoothly, despite the weather, and all had fun.