Challenge to Head Dog at Night of the Stars

On Friday 28 February 2014, Night of the Stars took place on the Hawthornden field at Wynberg Boys’ High.  It is always an occasion of excellent live music against the backdrop of craft stalls, food, drinks and games in the dramatic setting of our Mountain. The weather this year contributed to the entertainment as just as proceedings were about to begin, gale force winds swept across the fields, side swiping a number of canopies and stalls.

This would never be enough to deter the Wynberg spirit, and shortly afterwards, the Wynberg Marimba Bands opened the event.

There is very little to beat the easing on into an evening at the end of a busy week with the smoke of boerewors on the braai and African sounds under an African sky. There were distractions as a man on stilts invited boys to give him a high five, or stopped to pose with them and at about 18:00 the table cloth poured dramatically over the Mountain which legend attributes to the heated smoking contest between van Hunks and the devil.

But all heads turned as a serious challenge to Sandy Richardson, Head Dog of Wynberg Boys’ High, as a Great Dane walked onto the field.  Commanding the attention of royalty, there was much relief as it was discovered that this dog was not interested in leadership or challenging the authority of Head Dog, but was pursuing a career in film.

Entertained by fourteen high school bands, including the Wynberg Girls’ High Jazz band the performances continued well into the night ending with the Wynberg Combined Concert Band – once again one of the highlights of the evening.

Wynberg Boys’ High have got it right: with a mix of excellent food, roving entertainers, mini golf, craft zones, and rodeo bulls, there really is entertainment for all, and there is little doubt that this is a hugely successful social event for students and parents alike. As a new addition to the games this year was Paintball. This fundraiser, run by some of the Matrics of this year, Karl Martin, Dillon Birns (Head of Communications) and Rowan Humphreys, was by far the most popular of the fundraisers, with customers queueing for half an hour to get the chance to shoot at moving human targets. Certainly a contender for the Darwin Awards.

Music, laughter, good friends and chilled conversations – a good start to the weekend and a good way to support a fabulous school.