Competition fierce at the Athena Games

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The annual Athena Games took place on the 22 March 2017 at Wynberg Boys’ High School. The Athena Games is an annual competition, hosted by either WGHS or WBHS, where students from both schools team up and compete at various subject stations. This year the dress up theme was fictional characters from either books or movies.

There were many interesting and fun costumes ranging from “The Green Lantern” to “Winnie-the-Pooh”. Everyone was dressed to win, bringing many of our favourite fictional characters to life. The evening started at 6:30 with the various teams meeting at the different stations. At these various stations, the teams were required to complete tasks in the themes of different subjects at school. The teams would move onto the next subject station after the allocated five minutes per station. Some of the favourite games from the evening included the music station where participants had to identify different movies and television shows from their soundtracks and themes and the Life Orientation station where teams had to see if they would get a no from NASA or a seal of approval. Each station presented a new challenge, relatable to all those participating, and the competition was fierce.

Overall the night was amazing, well organized and thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. The refreshments were good and the whole event ran smoothly.It was a great experience to meet new people and at the same time engage in friendly academic competition. Thank you to all students, staff and caterers that made the event possible.