Consumer Studies: Cape to Cairo

The Grade 11 Consumer Studies June Practical Exams are based on the Pick n Pay School Chefs’ Cape to Cairo Competition.¬†The topic is: Fine Dining from Cape to Cairo – An African Culinary Tour.

It has been modified slightly in that learners must produce a 2 course and not a 3 course meal for their examinations.  Learners will be judged on:


  • Originality, balance, skill level, appearance, and how well the theme is represented.
  • Each course is to represent a different country in Africa
  • One of the courses must be inspired by South Africa
  • Certain products eg. peanut butter, amongst others must be used.
  • Paperwork with all costings must be supplied
  • Learners work in pairs

This practical exam will be the first stage for learners who are wanting to enter the Pick n Pay Competition.

The second stage will be a cook off amongst the top 10 pairs who will be adjudicated by external judges. Only 5 pairs can be entered into the competition.