Countdown to our 2017 Major Production begins …

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A person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road between.”

The chilling notion that there is only one way of seeing things is the suffocating atmosphere of this play. Written in response to McCarthy’s prosecution of those who were thought to be communists, and resulting an obsessive campaign of fear which “turned people against each other, destroying lives, careers and friendships”, The Crucible is a play which has extraordinary resonance in 2017. The Salem witch trials of 1692 became an allegory for this terrifying period in American history.

The Guardian describes the play as the “ultimate post-truth play”: both then and now, it marks a time when debates are framed largely by appeals to emotion, and factual rebuttals or counter arguments are ignored.  Its effect is to paralyse generations and eliminate trust and tolerance.

The play, directed by Lindsay Wills, promises to be extraordinary and unforgettable theatre. Don’t miss it, and book now.

Cost of the tickets
Adults R60.00
Learners R50.00Poster The Crucible
Restricted upstairs seating for anyone R40.00

Please eft payment and send proof of payment to

Wynberg Girls’ High School
ACCOUNT  01 15684 053 6
BRANCH CODE  505 309

 Reference: Surname MP “for major production)

Please advise who will be collecting the tickets.