Cross Country Dream Team

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One Wednesday the 12th August Wynberg’s cross country team took part in a fun run held by Vista Nova. This race was very different to the other races that the team have participated in. The team was divided into groups of three team members that would complete the race together. One member of the team would run 2km, the next 4km and the last would run 6km. All of the teams that were formed from Wynberg’s cross country team were eager for the race to begin and to run their best. It was a cold and rainy day but the teams, especially the “Dream team”, went full steam ahead and enjoyed their runs. The “Dream Team” consisted of Lauren Jonathan, Kirsten Roodman and Karen Roodman, who showed everyone how it should be done, by coming first in the senior category! Despite the weather being all gloomy, our girls were always in high spirit, supporting their team members all the way.