CU Outreach with Hillsong

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Last week on Friday the 15th we had our first official meeting with the Hillsong team. Our event was called the Hangout (we have decided on calling our weekly meetings “Hangouts” ). The official hangout took place during break at the AstroTurf. The event took the form of a flashmob that went around the school directing people to the AstroTurf. Once everyone was on the Turf, we had a presentation by the Hillsong team. We had some ice breakers and played some music to welcome everyone and invite them to join the Christian Union.

The event was a success: a lot of people came to the astro and from the feedback we’ve heard, a lot of people enjoyed the Hangout.

Starting from this week forth the Hillsong team will be assisting the CU committee with our weekly meetings.