Current Affairs – Guest Speakers on #RhodesMustFall movement

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On Tuesday, Current Affairs Society had an opportunity to have British guest speakers Jon and Mike from Oxford University  come and discuss the #RhodesMustFall movement and its progress in England. We had an engaging discussion on the issue and heard the view from outsider’s eyes. We discussed how similar it was to Germany, their removal of any remnants of Hitler and what effect the fall of Rhodes would have on us, our history and our future.  Most felt it was more what the statue symbolises, than the statue itself that was creating discontent, whilst some felt the violence of the response was unnecessary and misplaced. After  sharing our thoughts as to why Rhodes Must Fall however the majority voted he should fall and be placed in a museum where we are free to see him, not forced to.

The topic is very relevant to discussions about race and showed how necessary it was to have an open, free space where people don’t feel they will be attacked when voicing their opinions especially with such sensitive topic.