Current Affairs Society – 30 April

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This week we discussed the passing of the Protection of State Information Bill, where 189 MPs voted in favour of passing it, 74 against it and 1 abstention.

Also discussed was the outrage over the recent footage of Nelson Mandela. While it is certainly in the public interest to be informed of his health, there was significant displeasure at the way in which this was handled. Some viewers took to Twitter voicing their displeasure at the footage of Mandela. Ranjeni Munusamy said: “Who’s the idiot who took a picture of Madiba with flash during the visit by ANC officials? Don’t they know it hurts his eyes?!”. Another Twitter user commented: “After everything the man has done for us this is how we treat him. Like an animal at the zoo. Shame on us.” Another person said: “After months of attacking media for “invading” Mandela’s privacy, ANC today released an invasive video of a clearly ailing and grim Mandela.” Yet another user wrote “SABC claims Mandela looks ‘relaxed’ and ‘in good spirits’ but the new video contradicts that claim.”

Also under discussion were the teachers’ union strikes and the PetroSA scandal.