Cutting clean through the arguments and doubts to clarity!

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Clarity of thoughtOn Monday 22 May 2017, the junior and senior debating teams took on Sans Souci in Round 4 of the Rotary Debating League. The juniors debated the motion “This House supports the death penalty” Debating for the juniors on this occasion were Stacey Muzanya (Grade 9), Nina Basson (Grade 8) and Carla Reinecke (Grade 8). Although they unfortunately lost to a stronger Sans Souci side, their effort and skills are definitely to be commended as they showed determination and passion in taking on a particularly difficult motion.

The Senior team proposed the motion “This house supports the creation of schools exclusively for LGBT+ individuals”. Debating on behalf of the senior team at this debate were Stacey Goliath (Grade 12), Jasmine Kennedy (Grade 10) and Mikayla Schilder (Grade 11). We are very pleased that the senior team won their debate! This makes them undefeated in the league thus far! Stacey Goliath was also awarded the Best Speaker award. We are incredibly proud of the senior team for doing this well in the league thus far, as the team is made up of mainly speakers who have never debated before.

The final preliminary round of the Rotary Debating League will take place shortly and we wish our speakers the best of luck for the upcoming debate!