Wynberg loves Dancers (who) Love Dogs…

The Grade 10, 11 and 12  Ballet dancers at Wynberg Girls’ High School were very privileged to have Brigitte Reeves take them for a Horton Technique Dance Class on Thursday 21 February. This technique strengthens and increases the expressive range of the body.  Every inch of the body is addressed and the muscles are lengthened and strengthened. The technique challenges a dancer physically and mentally.

Responses of the dancers to this class:

The Horton Class was a wonderful experience. It was a great opportunity to improve my core stability. Although extremely difficult and challenging, I would do it again. It is a good class to keep your mind and your body healthy and tests you mentality

Sam de Kock

The Horton class made me use muscles in my body I have never used before. It was such a fun and inspirational class and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is definitely something that I would do again soon.

Jenna Schreuder

I really enjoyed the Horton class yesterday, even though at first I wasn’t too keen! After doing it, I was really motivated to join the class. I could feel my body work during the exercises, even though I could hardly breathe.  My body is in such pain – but a good pain! I would really do it again anytime.

Tayla Lewis

I really enjoyed the class and would love to make it a regular thing to improve my dancing ability. It was painful. I sit writing this in a lot of pain. But I know that this is just my muscles waking up! It was really amazing, and loads of (painful) fun.

Chelsea Tuck

The Horton class we attended on 21 February was incredible. The strange, foreign movements awakened muscles I never thought I had. After the very first exercise, I could feel that my body was working extensively, and I knew that I would be experiencing the delicious stiffness the next day.

Natalie van der Merwe

The Horton class was intense: it targeted muscles I have never worked. I enjoyed the feeling of working my muscles differently, and the pain that I feel today is definitely worth the sweat. I would definitely do it again.

Caitlyn Foord

I had no idea what the Horton Technique was. It was incredibly exciting to learn something new and to push my body in that way. Although my body has never been more sore, I loved it.

Jamie Reizenberg.

The Horton Class was an exciting experience. I certainly learned a lot. I worked my body in ways that activated muscles that had become lazy and which I clearly never use. I felt that the pain and moves we did were a good pain and feeling. I am so glad that we did it and will do it again in the future.

Claire Wilkinson.

BRIGITTE REEVES qualified as an AIDT teacher 31 years ago and was invited by the Board as an examiner both locally and Internationally in 1994. She danced professionally for 3 years with the PACE DANCE THEATRE COMPANY, after which she left to concentrate on developing her studio.  She travels annually to the USA to further her studies, and takes young dancers and teachers on Education Dance Tours to New York City.

Brigitte has conducted Master Classes in Canada, Australia, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, New Jersey and San Francisco, adjudicated festivals in Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth and is invited regularly to teach in all the centres in South Africa.

Brigitte was involved in choreographing the opening ceremony of the “World Cup Cricket” and the Ghana “Africa Cup of Nations”. She also choreographed the award winning TV commercials in Bucharest – Romania and Barcelona. She recently sold her Dance Centre and is now focused on freelance Horton training and choreographing, and devoting more time to her passion for animals.

In 2012 she started the foundation, Dancers  Love Dogs , which hosts shows in 4 provinces in South Africa. To date the foundation has raised over R290 000.00, of which 100% of the profits go towards Mass sterilization of animals. Over 1000 animals have been sterilized to date and still continue on this funding.