Results of the 2013 De Beers English Olympiad

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Every year, more than 7000 students enter the De Beers English Olympiad. This year’s theme was “Whose Truth is it Anyway?” Participants were required to read an anthology called “In Camera”, compiled by Alison Immelman and Elizabeth Herselman, which dealt with corruption and the different “truths” we all see. In camera means “in private”, “in closed court”, “confined to those intimately concerned”. This is a title entirely suited to the mixed media content, which included extracts from the controversial Protection of Information Bill, V for Vendetta and District 9. Candidates were also encouraged to read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four.

All of this preparation culminated in a three-hour paper. The topics were diverse, interesting and challenging, such as writing a story entitled Two Thousand and Eighty Four (is Big Brother still watching you?), drawing a cartoon panel using the characters from Azaniamania and writing a song which could be used as a basis for a Shout SA campaign.

Our 25 Wynberg participants fared extremely well in this competition.  10 achieved a bronze certificate (code 5), 13 achieved silver (code 6) and 2 achieved gold (more than 80%) Our gold candidates were Lauren Gildenhuys and Kate Bell, who was also ranked 59th in the country.

Bronze Awards

  • Andrea Alexander
  • Robin Brink
  • Ashleigh Dreyer
  • Tamar Kendon
  • Leandre Kleynhans
  • Alyssa Siepen
  • Clara Stassen
  • Veronique Reagon
  • Anna Jacobs
  • Emily Danielz

Silver awards

  • Kayla Arnold
  • Gabrielle Jacobs
  • Raadhiyah Jacobs
  • Carly Katzef
  • Layla Kimmie
  • Laura Martin
  • Michelle Mitchell
  • Robynne Samuels
  • Nicole Wentzel
  • Michelle Langeveld
  • Tegan Welz
  • Schael Igwe
  • Courtney-Jayne Dykes

The theme for next year’s Olympiad is “Language, Literature and Laughter”. The anthology is entitled “Life’s a Laugh?” and will include two Shakespeare extracts as well as two short, modern South African plays.

We are very proud of our girls’ achievements and wish all of next year’s participants good luck!