De Beers English Olympiad

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2013 English Olympiad Candidates

On the 5 March 2013, a group of excited Wynberg girls gathered to write the De Beers English Olympiad. The title of our setwork this year was In camera – Whose Truth is it Anyway?

The topic revolved around government secrecy, transparency and accountability- an incredibly relevant and interesting topic in today’s South Africa, considering issues such as the Information Bill and the National Development Plan.

We were required to write two essays, and the topics were thought-provoking and inspired creativity. Some of the choices of topic we had was a letter to Jacob Zuma outlining how we feel about the state of South Africa, a cartoon panel inspired by an “Azaniamania” cartoon, and a dialogue between Eschel Rhoodie, John Profumo and Wikus van der Merwe.

All in all, preparing for and writing this Olympiad has been an incredibly enriching and stimulating experience.