Diary of a First Aid Trainee: The Final Test

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Ever since the moment our first aid course had begun – maybe ever since I’d decided to do it – there’d been one thought lurking in the very depths of my mind.  As time went by, it began pressing me more and more… And before I knew it, the moment had arrived.  It was a moment every trainee feared.  The first aid test was upon us.

Like any student, I’d planned to study over the weekend for the test that would take place on the following Wednesday.  It was not only going to be a written examination, but an oral and practical examination too.  Believing that I’d be completely ready by Sunday was the only comfort I could get.  Of course, it didn’t take long for my well-constructed plans to crumble to dust.  I quickly fell victim to procrastination, and Tuesday night saw me studying frantically.  Wednesday evening, the time of the test, came all too quickly.

As we waited for our first aid instructors to come, I didn’t have to look very hard to see the anxiety hanging in the air around us.  When it comes to being terrified of something, nothing beats the thought of going up to the front and doing CPR in front of everyone.  We weren’t sure if that’d be our practical, but from the reports of various past first aiders we’d talked to, it was a strong possibility.  It was a possibilty that proved true for me.

I was the first to go up, out of roughly five of us.  Luckily, my CPR practice had kicked in, and I managed to run through the routine without forgetting anything.  I wasn’t the best, but hopefully, I wasn’t the worst either.  As it turned out, that was the only practical we would have to do – although, at the time, I couldn’t believe it.  The CPR practical just hadn’t seemed terrifying enough.  After that, the written test passed in a flash.  The ordeal was over.

It really hadn’t been that terrible.  Whether it was down to studying, my friends, or simply our brilliant instructors’ lessons, I’d managed to get through the whole experience without too many hitches.  Now, there’s only one step left in our course: getting our results.  Honestly, I’m excited.

Diary of a First Aid Trainee

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