Diary of a First Aid Trainee: The moment of truth

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We’d done it; we’d all done it.  Every single first aid trainee had passed the first aid test.  Some had passed with plenty of room to spare, and some less so, but nonetheless, we’d all managed to succeed.  That knowledge plastered a smile on each First Aider’s face.

Throughout the three-week of the course, there really had never been a dull moment.  First aid was a serious and heavy topic, but our instructors easily saved us from too deep a depression.  Their comical, quirky jokes kept the three-hour sessions light and entertaining, and no matter how tired we were, we would always end up smiling.  The subject matter was in itself incredible: CPR, burns, fractures, spinal injuries, diabetes, asphyxia, heart attacks and hypothermia… and it intrigued us for hours.

Even so, I think everyone, at some point, had to come to terms with mortality and death.  They’re the topics people shove into a small box in the garage of their minds.  During the course, those small boxes were forced open.  The fact that you may lose a patient, or even kill a patient, is something you have to accept as a possibility.  Beyond accepting it, you have to be ready to take on those seriously-injured patients in the first place.  And even after accepting all of that, you still have to be prepared to step away from those suffering patients, if helping them endangers your life.

In the end, the late nights and long hours were more than worth it.  The first aid course exceeded every expectation I had and was more enjoyable than I could ever have hoped.  It taught me not just about first aid, but about myself.  One thing is for sure: I’ll be going back to do my Level 3 course in no time at all!

Nicole Wentzel