Elandsrivier Hike

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On the 31 January a group of sixteen Wynberg girls went with four teachers – Mr Bodenstein, Mr Schutte, Ms Dabrowski and Ms Underhill on the Elandsrivier hike outside of Cape Town, past Paarl. The hike itself was challenging and exhausting and involved much clambering over, between and around boulders that obstructed our way. The difficult increased the higher up the path we got.

Halfway up, we encountered the first of a series of mountain pools where we stopped for a quick lunch break, and some girls leapt into the pools to save Mr Bodenstein’s shoe which was drifting away on the river. Then the group split: while some stayed at the lower pool and relaxed the others continued up the path to the waterfall which cascaded for more than 30 meters into a small, dark and freezing cold pool.

This hike was a great start to the year. There were several times where the leaders had to strategise ways of getting past the obstacles in order to continue our path. Everyone walked away with mild cuts and bruises, and one happy hiker received an ankle sprain. But in the combi on the way home everyone was either asleep or smiling. – Teresa Herbert

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