Elevate Education – Time Management

timemanagement“Time management.” These are two words that we have all heard numerous times. Whether we actually implement our understanding  is another story.

On the 5 May 2014, the Grade Elevens received some useful tips from Shaun Knowles from “Elevate Education.” They spent the last part of their school day learning about how to use their time wisely and most effectively.

Tamsyn Gaynor reports:
The lessons taught at this seminar were extremely valuable and can certainly be applied in everyday life. We were taught about things that we have all previously attempted such as study time tables and study groups, however the seminar provided us with a number of new perspectives. The approach to these subjects were different from what one normally expects to find. Many hints and tips were shared to enable us to apply these techniques of time management – particularly valuable during the next few weeks as we approach the dreaded exams.

These helpful tricks really have made us feel a little better.  To find out that we could save twenty-seven hours of study time by creating an effective study group is mind-boggling and has inspired girls to start their own ones. For the entire grade, procrastination is an encompassing part of every day. This seminar highlighted some of the reasons for procrastination. Perhaps by recognising the causes and symptoms of procrastination it is now easier to avoid. With the help from Shaun and these seminars that we attend, exams are not quite as daunting and intimidating as before. With exams four weeks away, there is enough time to implement these strategies and ace the exams.