Elevate Education – a course in studying methods for Grade 11

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What do the words “educational talk” and “study skills” signify to a group of teenagers? To any 16 year old, they are both non-ideal ways to spend a morning. However, on 21 January 2014, the Grade Elevens found the “Elevate Education” seminar not only an enlightening, but also entertaining way to ease into the day.

Shaun Knowles, our presenter, taught us how to “Learn, Master and Create” our way to academic success, according to the “Study Sensei” course of top study skills, as recommended by top students. The course covered everything from how to organise notes in folders, to mind-mapping. It became evident that succeeding in those dreaded exams was not pie in the sky, but a very real possibility. Together with his dry sense of humour, and the help of eager volunteers, Shaun showed us that facing exams was not as complex or daunting as we perceive it. Do not be mistaken in thinking that it was all work and no play. Oh no! We definitely had fun practising our spelling aloud:  P-O-T-S…POTS!  By the time the bell rang for the end of the session, not one person could say that they hadn’t learnt anything from the experience. Whether it be how to manage the time prior to exams, or how to use a system of revision, there was something new for everyone to learn from the talk.

Now, as we confidently look to the exams ahead (in the distant future), we laugh at the idea of failure, mock the once fear-inducing red pen and challenge that bonus question at the end of the paper – all thanks to the awesome “Elevate Education” team. We hope that they return soon with more words of wisdom!

–       Ashleigh Thompson