Eskom Young Scientists’ Expo

The Eskom Young Scientists Expo takes place annually. This is the 30th birthday of the Science Expo and learners from junior and high schools take part. The projects are therefore divided into a junior category which is up to grade 9 and a senior category for grades 10 – 12. The projects are then entered in various categories from Environmental Science, Microbiology and Biochemistry to Food Sciences, Health Care and Sport, Physics, Astronomy and Space Science.

Wynberg entered eight projects this year from learners in Grades 10 and 11. The learners have to present their project to a group of judges who also posed questions to them. They have to produce a poster as well as a journal showing the progress and research conducted while doing the project. Bronze, silver and gold medals are awarded to projects. The Gold medal winners will go on to present their projects at a National Young Scientists Expo in Johannesburg later in the year and the winners there go on to International Competitions.

The following have entered:

Lauren Mitchell and Michelle Lee – Dual Powered Energy Torch
Anjali Kooverjee – The Cellphone Projector
Lindsay Powell – Investigating the Pollution in Rivers
Elsa Nel – The effect of low GI bread on a person’s Blood Sugar Levels
Carla Stokes – Lipstick Investigation and Formulation
Sarah Curry – Magneto-reception
Azrah Ismail – The Pinhole camera