Examinations have never looked so good…

This year, the Grade 10’s practical exam was based on a chocolate theme. The girls had to make one of three cakes:

* Chocolate Cake,
* Chocolate and Nut Cake or
* Oreo Biscuit Cake

all with a Frangipane (almond-flavoured sweet pastry cream) tart.

In the Grade 12’s first practical exam, they had to prepare two dishes which were chosen based on their entrepreneurial project completed in the first term. In this project, they had to make their two dishes and present them packaged. The second practical exam was a blind practical exam: pupils had to draw one of four tests on the day and make that particular test.

* Test one: Lemon Gateau with Lemon Curd Icing and Key Lime Tarts
* Test two: Chocolate Gateau with Chocolate Ganache and Key Lime Tarts
* Test three: Vanilla Gateau with White Chocolate Icing and Key Lime Tarts
* Test four: Vanilla Gateau with Caramel or Strawberry Butter Icing and Key Lime Tarts