Excited engagement and excellent work produced in “Discovery Week”

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Recently, Wynberg was able to undertake an exciting new learning initiative called “Discovery Week”, designed specifically to allow Grade 8 learners opportunities to develop 21st Century Learning Skills that more and more educational specialist agree will come to define the future of learning.
The initiative was designed with 9 core objectives in mind: Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Functional Digital Skills ,Curating Information, Cultural & Social Understanding, Learning Independence & E-Safety.
The Learners were given two main tasks to complete: An Individual Endeavour – where they researched and learned about any interesting topic using modern learning tools –  and a Group Endeavour – where they joined with other learners with a common passion to create something of value.
The atmosphere throughout the week was one of excited engagement and the product of the students labours was something fantastic to witness because of their diversity, originality and the sense of personal ownership they attached to their work.
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