Exciting new form of Hockey results in a win against Rustenburg arch rivals

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Super 6s

A warm evening at Wynberg brought about a good atmosphere to begin the Super 6’s tournament. This new, more exciting form of hockey for girls who are looking to improve their outdoor skills and have fun during the indoor season has been piloted amongst the top girl schools in Cape Town.
It is played on half a field with only 5 outdoor player and one keeper – hence the name, “Super 6’s”.
The first team of Super 6’s started off this tournament with a win against Rustenburg – close rivals for a while now.
While it took us a few minutes to get into the format and realise that this is mainly an attacking form of hockey, the girls worked hard from the start to maintain a early lead.
Kayla Morgan was the first to make it to the scoring list as she deflected in a cracker ball from Jamie Southgate who sent it across the base line from the side.
Next was Chelsea Manoek who had some time on the ball to place it and took a shot reaching the back on the net which she managed to replicate a few minutes later with the same amount of time but this time making impact with the back board.
After a team talk, the team regrouped and worked some new attacking strategies for the next half. 3-0 up, the girls were fired up.
Sasha Sivertsen found the net with a drag flick from Top D, using her power and skill to get passed the opposition. In the same half, Jamie Southgate one timed the ball top left corner off a glory ball in from Sasha at the side of the 11 metre.
Their was endless suspense amongst the teams, especially when we conceded one against Rustenburg. Minute later, Aaminah Domingo – on her debut – closed the playing field with a push into the bottom right corner right passed the goalkeeper.
Overall, it was a game nothing short of entertaining and a victorious way for Wynberg to begin a tournament that will inevitably become very popular.