Experiencing the Rockstar of Public Speaking: Vusi Thembekwayo!

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Following the spectacular assembly where five Good Hope FM representatives spoke to the student body about their inspirational life stories on the occasion of Women’s Month, three tickets were given to three lucky students. These tickets entitled Georgia Bailey, Amahle Cishe and Anjali Kooverjee to attend Vusi Thembekwayo’s inspirational talk: Vusi Live on the 7th August.

According to former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Vusi Thembekwayo is known as “the rockstar of public speaking”. Having won numerous public speaking awards, it was nothing short of an honour for the three Wynberg Girls to attend the world-renowned speaker’s presentation, which consisted of tips, pointers and advice on being a winner in one’s life.
Working hard, setting goals and having a passion for what one is pursuing were the basis of his presentation. Along with this, he gave five key tips on how to reach your dreams. He began by defining a winner. To paraphrase:

“Everyone wants to win. Even losers want to win. But, what separates a winner from a loser is that a winner will never accept losing.”

Over the next hour and a half, Vusi elaborated on what it takes to succeed and the attitude one needs in order to lead a happy, healthy and balanced life. He explained how, where you come from and where you are going does not matter, but what is relevant is what you think and believe about yourself. Another statement he stood by was how success is not a talent, but a habit. If one works hard enough, one will be easily successful and reap the benefits thereof.

The three learners were also given a wonderful breakfast, after which was a question and answer session with Vusi. Many people were curious about his personal story, but also about how to help themselves. Vusi answered the questions asked thoroughly and logically, taking not of everyone’s names.

It is clear why Vusi Thembekwayo is known as such a brilliant public speaker – he is exactly that. He has the combined ability to project his voice, pause at appropriate times and emphasise certain words. He has the the extraordinary capacity to grab his audience’s attention and to hold on to it while he speaks. Listening to him was incredibly inspiring and helpful, especially for young learners.

Many thanks to Good Hope FM and Vusi for giving us this fantastic opportunity.