Exploring the field of Genetics

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On the sunny day of Monday, 2nd September, a group of five Grade 11s along with Dr Woods made their way to the University of Cape Town’s Medical Building for what proved to be an informative and interesting day exploring the field of Genetics.

Upon our arrival, we registered and, much to our delight, made out way to the table filled with muffins and tea. There was a welcoming introduction about the day’s programme and the fifty or so students were split into four groups.

The five Wynberg Girls made their way to the first station, where we’d be DNA detectives. We put on our lab coats and blue rubber gloves and used very intricately-designed equipment to perform a lab test. At our next station, we were lead into a “crime scene”, where people dressed in forensic suits and collected evidence, which the learners were shown how to analyse. This gave us a good look on how forensics work and what goes into solving a crime, in terms of DNA sampling and other things on a genetic, microscopic level.
After this, we had lunch, and made our way to the next two stations: cell biology and a talk on genetic counselling, from which we learnt a great deal. Someone from the Student Recruitment Office then spoke to us about university requirements and various faculties, which was very informative and broadened our awarenessof the various faculties that UCT and other universities have to offer.

Overall, it was an extremely interesting and enlightening day. Our gratitude is extended to Dr Woods for accompanying us for the day, as well as all the organisers and sponsors who made the Learners’ Genetics Open Day possible.