? Explosive afternoon with the UCT Physics Department

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On Wednesday 27 September, 10 Grade 11’s had the privilege of attending Phenomenal Physics at UCT which took place again for the first time in several years as a result of disruptions on the campus. Many other schools attended this wonderful afternoon.

After some witty introductions from the Physics Department we were entertained, amazed, challenged and amused as mind blowing physics. What appeared to be magic was simply making science! We had a short break where we were treated to some delicious doughnuts and refreshing juice. This was followed by more amazing demonstrations.

There were a number of astonishing explosions and the extraordinary properties of liquid nitrogen and oxygen were explored and explained. It was very evident that careful thought had gone into each presentation and we were encouraged to participate by predicting outcomes and explaining unexpected results. It was a great experience and a very exciting afternoon.

Caitlin Meyer

These photographs were taken by the UCT Physics Department.