Founders’ Day hockey, this is how we do it!

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“Here we go, ride that pony, ride around that big, fat pony. Here we go, ride that pony. This is how we do it…”

They say a family that plays together, stays together. On Friday, 19 September, did the Wynberg family play together?

Every year, it is tradition for the Junior School’s U13 hockey team to play against the High School’s U14 team. Although we, as a school, have witnessed many Founder’s Day hockey matches, this year was just different. Maybe it was the formidable clouds that loomed over the mountain or maybe it was something in those legendary doughnuts. Nonetheless, there was an energetic buzz that permeated the air. Being newly-inducted, the School Council of 2014/2015 was keen to harness this energy. We immediately set up camp on both sides of the astro and got to work getting everyone cheering. As the match passed, the cheering squads on either side challenged each other to cheering duels. At one point, a group of School Council members ran around the astro singing the Pony Song, picking up the more silent spectators.

Four goals later, the Grade 8s had proven themselves to be an unstoppable force of nature. Simultaneously, the cheering alongside the pitch had proven itself to be another such force. As the whistle blew for the end of the game, this force spilled over onto the astro. The crowds encircled the winning team, with all team-mates looking equally surprised, yet overjoyed. From a half a ¬†metre away, I could see the team laughing, beaming with pride. To be honest, so was I: I was a proud Wynberg girl. We, as a school, had given our Grade 8s a memory that some may share whilst reminscing about “the good ol’ days.” We had given them a sense of belonging and a sense of fulfillment in being a Wynberg Lion. Well done, Wynberg! “This is how we do it!”