Founders’ Week – Past Pupils vs 1st Team Sport

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On Thursday, 15 September 2016, Wynberg’s 1st netball team played against some past pupils who used to play netball at WGHS.

Before the start of the match, the old girls were convinced they would leave victorious.  Many of the first team players were unable to participate, leaving our first team weaker than usual. It was clear from the start that the Old Girls’ team were a force to be reckoned with. Despite not having practiced together before, they showed great skill and teamwork. The Old Girls’ played a fast game that the first team simply couldn’t seem to keep up with.

It was great to see all the support from the Hockey Team and some of the Grade Elevens. Their cheering showed the past pupils that we certainly have a great deal of Wynberg pride. By the end of the four quarters the first team lost against the old girls team – the final score being 13-22. Despite our (humiliating), we comforted ourselves enjoying the opportunity to catch up with some of our past pupils.


Later on in the evening, Wynberg’s 1st hockey team played against some very talented past pupils. The match was fast-paced and the old girls managed to score the first goal. However, despite this setback, Wynberg’s 1st team fought back to make the score 1-1. The 1st team then continued to score another goal to lead the score line 2-1. After half time, the 1st team once again managed to put a goal past the past pupils’ keeper. The old girls fought back hard but despite another goal in the last 5 minutes, Wynberg’s 2016 1st team won the match 3-2. Congratulations must go to Chelsea van der Berg, Wynberg’s goalkeeper, for pulling off some truly amazing saves. However, every member of the first team gave of their best effort to help Wynberg to their victory. The evening also served as the matric’s final hockey match for Wynberg and so it was without a doubt, a momentous occasion.

The girls celebrated thoroughly as they made history by being the first Wynberg team in 14 years to beat the old girls hockey side. With music playing and constant cheers echoing from the stands, the evening was thoroughly enjoyable. Wynberg’s 1st hockey team triumphantly reclaimed the Old Girls Hockey Trophy. The match was played in good spirit and the atmosphere was filled with fun and laughter. The evening was enjoyed by supporters, old girls and Wynberg players alike. We look forward to next year’s old girls hockey match to see if the first team can once again lift the Old Girls Hockey Trophy.

Founders Week - WOGU vs 1st Team Sport