Full report on the Interschools’ DanceSport Fixture

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On Friday the 24th of March the DanceSport squad from Wynberg Girls’ High School competed in their final competition for the season at Oude Molen Technical High School. This competition would be the one to determine which school takes home the DanceSport School League (DSSL) trophy for the Western Province – having their school name engraved on the gold-plated trophy.

The Wynberg girls arrived at Oude Molen while the Junior competition was still in progress. Due to some of the junior schools being late to the competition, the Senior competition was delayed by approximately another hour. However, this did nothing to lower the enthusiasm of the Wynberg girls! Instead, the girls used this additional hour to practise their dances and polish their dance moves. After the juniors had all competed, they announced the winning junior school, which was St. Augustine’s Primary School, and thereafter moved on to the high schools. Only now did the nervosity of the Wynberg girls finally start building up within them. With stomachs churning like washing machines in nervosity and anticipation, the Wynberg U14 girls took the stage. However, as soon as the music started, all fears and worries fell away as the girls danced with outmost energy and passion, competing with what the coaches described as their best performance of the entire season. After the U14s had dances, it was time for the U16s, and lastly the Open / U19 section. Each division gave the competition their all during their performances.

After the first round, the girls were shortlisted for semi-finals, and thereafter also shortlisted for the finals. At this point, it was already clear that Wynberg Girls’ High School dominated the competition, as Wynberg had a clear majority in the number of dancers going through to the next round. In the final round, the dancers in each division were:
Gita Urion
Alicia Arends
Kezia Floris
Jamie Fisher

Amarachi Vazidlule
Adrianne Fisher
Jessica Petersen
Gugulethu Ndubela

Open / U19:
Simone Neethling
Chloe Scholtz
Lelethu Mtwana
Tsholofelo Mangadi

Finally, after all final rounds had been completed, it was time for the results to be announced. All the Wynberg girls huddled up together in anticipation and nervosity, praying and hoping that their name, and the name of their school, will be announced as winners. Fistly, they announced the winners in each division as follows:
1st – Gita Urion
2nd – Alicia Arends
3rd – Steenberg girl

1st – Amarachi Vazidlule
2nd – Steenberg girl
3rd – Jessica Petersen

Open / U19:
1st – Chloe Scholtz (for the 5th time in a row!!)
2nd – Tsholofelo Mangadi
3rd – Steenberg girl

Thereafter came the moment that the Wynberg girls had all been waiting for since the beginning of the season: the announcement of the winning school, and the recipient of the first Western Province DSSL trophy. To the coaches and all the dancers it felt as if the judges purposefully took extra long to announce these results, only to increase the immense anticipation, suspense and nervosity of everyone. But finally it was announced:

Oude Molen Technical High School placed 3rd, with 57 points.
Steenberg High School placed 2nd, with 63 points.
And WYNBERG GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL PLACED 1ST, with a total of 105 points!!

When this was announced, the Wynberg girls all cried out in happiness and excitement, all of them running up onto the stage to receive their trophy! This is what the DanceSport squad of Wynberg had been working so hard towards since the beginning of the term – giving up so many afternoons, weekends and other extra murals in order to practise their dances over and over again. The coaches described their victory as the best reward they have ever received, and said that they cannot begin to express the incredible pride they have for their team.

Wynberg, we just made history by being the first ever recipients of the DanceSport School League trophy in the Western Province. Provincials, here we come!