Fun in the sun at Bantry Bay

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On Monday 13 March, six girls from the WGHS Tennis Team had the opportunity to attend the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy in Bantry Bay. The girls arrived just after 15:00 and were able to observe some of the professional players during their practice. Despite the burning heat, the girls then took on the challenge of a tennis fitness session with the academy’s fitness coach. The girls did circuits of anaerobic exercises which are specific to tennis.

After a quick break, everyone then had an opportunity to have a session¬† on the academy’s clay court. It was a truly amazing experience and it was a first for all of us. It was wonderful to slide around and get to play some points on the clay.

The experience at the academy was truly eye-opening and it was in many ways a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you to Coach Karl, the tennis team coach, for arranging the afternoon as well to AHTA for allowing us to visit, do some exercises and observe the players.