Galway Flute Festival

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On Wednesday 18th February, a number of the music girls, as well as the music teachers, attended the Galway Flute Festival at the Baxter Theatre. The day attended is part of a 4-day long festival held by Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway, which in turn is one of many being held all over the globe.

The day began with ‘warm ups’ with Sir James Galway in which he taught everyone the best exercises and scales to be used in warming up the flute in preparation for playing. This was followed by masterclasses which we had the privilege of being able to watch. These comprised of a flutist playing their chosen piece and Sir James advising them on what to do and how to improve. Although we did not actually take part in one of these masterclasses, the mere watching of them was extremely enlightening and beneficial. It also meant, to everyone’s excitement, that we got to see Sir James’ custom-made golden flute.

After lunch, the girls participated in a technical class with Lady Galway. During this class, Lady Galway went through a series of tonal exercises designed to improve the sound created when playing the flute. She also demonstrated the correct way to hold the flute and to stand when playing. This, we all found very helpful, and Lady Galway even commented she could already see an improvement in some of the girls. Before heading back to school, we were able to watch a couple more masterclasses, this time given by Lady Galway.

The whole day was one of great excitement and a brilliant learning experience, especially considering it was held by Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway, probably the most famous and accomplished flutists of our time, as well as major role models for us flute players. It is certainly not a day any of us are going to forget and we have already started putting some of our newly-learned techniques into practice.

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