Grade 10 Geography Excursion

We eventually set off on our much anticipated Geography Field Trip early on Thursday morning. Our legitimate day off school had finally arrived.

Our theme for the trip – to get a better understanding of the geology of Cape Town.

Our first task was to plot our route on a 1:50 000 topographical map. We eventually managed to do this after taking a bit of time to orientate our actual position with our correct position on the given maps.

At our first stop on Signal Hill we learnt all about the geology of our city. We also came to the realisation that we live in a beautiful city. Apart from all the geology we discussed we got to see what a real trig beacon looks like and of course took numerous photographs to prove that we had really been there.

At Mouille Point and Sea Point we got to learn about our old wave cut platform, the remnants of folding still visible and of course the famous contact zone at Queens Beach. Thrown in was a bit of climate as a lapse rate needed to be calculated and tested. After our necessary stop at Camps Bay – wind and wave erosion, we were eventually set free to have lunch.

Hout Bay was our last stop of the day. Many more features and landmarks were pointed out and worksheets were worked on feverishly.

A most enjoyable day was had by all – many good memories, some beautiful sights, good company and of course increased geographical knowledge.