Grade 10 History Outing

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On Tuesday, 26 May, the Grade 10 History Girls took a trip into town to visit The Slave Lodge and Bo Kaap museum. With a research project on the history of slavery due, the girls took to this outing with great enthusiasm.

Their first stop on the outing was the Bo-Kaap museum, where they received a passionate talk on the Cape Malay community, which was later open to discussion. The historian who spoke to them gave them a complete insight into the fascinating culture of the Cape Malay. The girls were allowed to take notes and pictures as a form of research for their assignment.

From there, they walked, accompanied by their teachers, to the Cape Slave Lodge. There they were guided through the museum with an informative talk about the lives of the slaves during the period of British colonisation. The museum very kindly allowed the girls to take pictures of the in-depth information that lined the walls of the slave lodge.

The girls were very much appreciative of the outing, which served as enrichment for their projects.
They finished off the outing with a nice relaxing walk through Company Gardens.

Abby Anderton