Giddy amazement at the joy of problem-solving … in Maths?

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The 10th of June was a chilly, overcast day and after writing my mathematics exam I was feeling particularly weary – in no mood for an escape-room game, I thought. However, these feelings quickly evaporated upon the jolt of what can only be described as the most swift, absorbing and nerve-racking 60 minutes of my life.

A sentiment of nervous excitement rippled through the class as the lady at HintHunt gave us a quick run-through of the rules. She also delivered some dismal statistics about the rooms’ success rates, but we were unperturbed. Leaving behind our cell phones and calculators, we headed for our rooms in teams of about six. It had begun.

There was a screen on the wall with a 60-minute countdown and a voice detailed the scenario – in my team’s case, a murder mystery. We got down to the business of scouring the room for clues. As time passed, we became progressively frantic in our search for keys and codes. Tensions ran high in the small room and at times I thought we would come to blows.

The game was a real test of mental power and required both logic and creativity to solve. Some of the puzzles in the room were truly mind-boggling. When the team hit a brick wall, the game master who was watching and listening in on us would flash some extra hints on the screen. Teams escaped with just seconds to spare and with slightly giddy and amazed looks on their faces.

HintHunt is the best kind of team activity there is. An exhilarating hour of problem-solving really brings out the unique skill that each member contributes. All through the adrenaline-rush and blood pumping rapidly through our veins, we undoubtedly learned to work together – and had fun.

 Aneesa Rawat